Capturing the spirit of adventure, Netflix's "Outlaw King" campaign brought historic accuracies to life in the heart of Brooklyn, building excitement for the premiere of the action-drama starring Chris Pine.

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  • Senior Account Manager // Production & Experiential
    Giant Spoon // New York
Netflix sought to generate buzz and build anticipation for their premiere film, “Outlaw King,” a 14th-century action-drama starring Chris Pine. To achieve this, they needed an immersive and memorable campaign that would stand out in a crowded market and authentically convey the film’s historic essence. The objective was to create an engaging experience that would not only attract press and influencers but also encourage organic social media sharing to maximize reach and impact.

The Highlands came to Brooklyn, in an epic axe-throwing premiere weekend.

With every detail from invites to on-site, noble Lords and Ladies were given the experience of chucking axes in the Scottish Highlands.


The work

“The Highlands comes to Brooklyn” was the central theme of our epic axe-throwing premiere weekend for Netflix’s Outlaw King. Every detail, like the premium custom invites, included a special touch that allowed our invited guests to become a Lord or Lady for the event. Traditionally, such titles are either inherited or granted by the monarch, King Charles III. We partnered with Highland Titles, which offer novelty Lordship titles as a fun way to acquire a Lordship or Ladyship title. While these titles don’t confer noble status or a seat in the House of Lords, they do allow individuals to use the registered trademarks “Lord / Lady of the Glen.” Additionally, this title grants lairdship, allowing them to be called a Laird. These honorary titles were included with the invites, adding an authentic and engaging element to the on-site experience, which was meticulously designed to transport noble Lords and Ladies to the Scottish Highlands.

The campaign’s centerpiece was a 3-day scenic takeover of Kick Axe in Brooklyn, tapping into the growing popularity of axe-throwing venues across the country, and transformed the space into a Highland Hatchet Throwing Range. Fans were invited to throw axes like Robert the Bruce, celebrating his historic prowess in battle. As part of the immersive experience, we created an Instagram-worthy photo wall where arrows appeared to have been shot into the wall, spelling out the words “Outlaw King.” This wall used 1306 brass or gold arrows, symbolizing the year Robert the Bruce was made King, arranged to create the film’s logo in positive space with the Netflix crown insignia below.

Over 100 VIP social influencers and press outlets attended, including writers from Entertainment Weekly, AdWeek, Digiday, and Quartz. Celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver, along with all special guests, were transformed into Lords and Ladies, adding to the event’s grandeur.

A custom-made cinematic video booth captured epic axe throws, creating more than 900 branded GIFs that attendees eagerly shared on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, reaching a total of 98.5K people via social media. Social posts from influencers, press, and Kick Axe’s owned channels generated over 2.8MM organic impressions, drumming up excitement for the hatchet-throwing event and ultimately the Outlaw King film. This immersive experience successfully captivated attendees, built significant social buzz, and heightened anticipation for Netflix’s premiere film.

I assisted in managing the production and execution of this venue takeover campaign. I coordinated with the experiential and production teams to ensure every element, from the custom photo booth experience to the immersive Highland Hatchet Throwing Range, was executed flawlessly. I also oversaw the creation and distribution of the premium invites, liaised with press and influencers, and ensured that all social media content and assets were strategically deployed to maximize engagement and reach. Through careful planning and coordination, I helped bring this innovative and engaging campaign to life, highlighting the film’s historical essence and building excitement for its premiere.


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